Businesses often spend several hours each pay period compiling payroll data, keeping track of employees’ hours, adding up time cards, faxing or calling in payroll and so on. We provide our clients a smart quality solution which can greatly improve efficiency of their operations.

Optimal Payroll Solutions Electronic Timekeeping provides an opportunity to:

  • Significantly reduce the office hours devoted to timekeeping function
  • Improve timekeeping accuracy
  • Reduce errors and deliberate fraud
  • Keep track of time employees spend on specific jobs or projects
  • Gain more control of employee’s time
  • Provide a seamless interface to your payroll

Time collection methods:

  • Swipe Clocks
  • Web Punch
  • Biometric Clocks (Hand scanner, Finger print)
  • Phone Punch
  • Payroll Check Calculator

Our systems make these timekeeping tasks virtually “hands-off” for you, the employer, and saves you both time and money.

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